JD Edwards for the automotive industry

Consolidation. Intense competition. Changing customer demands. These are just some of the pressures that plague today’s automotive industry.

Whether you’re a vehicle manufacturer, a supplier, or in the captive finance business, Econ 3 for Automotive provides a comprehensive portfolio of industry-specific solutions that help you address these challenges—while enabling you to drive continuous improvement initiatives and profitability across your entire enterprise. 

Only Econ 3 offers a unified data model that synchronizes real-time operations, supply and demand data from across your extended automotive enterprise.  

Econ 3 enables you to capture, analyze, and respond to customer demand in real time. That means you maximize productivity, performance, and profitability. You build the most accurate, high-quality product mix at the lowest possible cost—and facilitate just-in-time fulfilment with the most powerful, reliable, and affordable tools for vehicle and parts forecasting and allocation, collaborative sales and operations planning, Lean manufacturing, customer analytics, transportation, financial, and human capital management.