Engineering and Construction

Engineering and Constructions

Engineering and construction firms are operating in a new world, where progressive project – delivery methods such as design – build – operate have become mainstream business practice.

New service offering are driving top-line growth but also are increasing the complexities of companies risk mitigation strategies. And with today’s environment of rising bonding rates and inflated material prices, engineering and construction companies need a solution that gives all stakeholders the timely, accurate business data they can use to mitigate risk. 

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne delivers reintegrated business applications – including key functionality designed in collaboration with leading engineering and construction enterprises – that helps you meet today challenges.

Only JD Edwards EnterpriseOne offers a unified data model that integrates information across your organization so you can write targeted proposals, collaborate effectively with project stakeholders, monitor and control project execution, optimize equipment assets, and reduce procurement costs.

With JD Edwards EnterpriseOne your company has increased control of all phases of the project lifecycle – allowing you to reduce costs while optimizing the utilization of your key resources.  

Project Management

In today’s economy, real estate is no longer regarded as a fixed cost. Corporations are pressuring real estate executives to reduce the impact of occupancy costs on the bottom line and improve space management across the enterprise. Real estate organizations and investors must find new ways to increase tenant retention, streamline operations, and enhance portfolio management. Retailers are looking at inventive ways to better manage current obligations and strategically plan for growth while minimizing the overhead of store operations. 

Whether you are in the real estate business or manage real estate for your enterprise, businesses that can effectively manage utilization and costs associated with these assets stand to reap substantial benefits to the bottom line. A complete, integrated, web-based solution that supports end-to-end automation of all critical business functions throughout the entire real estate cycle is the foundation for effective real estate management.