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Transportation Management

Oracle Transportation Management enables companies to manage their transportation networks on a global basis in terms of supply chain flows (outbound finished goods, inbound supplies, inter-facility/company shipments, returns), modes of transport (truck, air, ocean and rail) and geographic area (regional and international). 

Oracle Transportation Management provides simultaneous support for multiple languages, currencies, units of measure and business functions that may vary by business unit and geographic region. As a result, companies can support the nuances of their global operations while reaping the efficiencies provided by a single transportation management solution.

Transportation Order Management

Integration with sales order management and warehouse for purposes of managing transport demand.

Oracle Transportation Management enables companies to manage all of their rates centrally, including support for truckload, less-than-truckload, parcel, air, rail and ocean rates.

Oracle Transportation Management supports full “sell” side rating for Logistics Service Providers and other companies who provide transportation services.

Shipment Planning

Plan and execute shipments for maximum operational efficiency.

Automated decision support for a full range of transportation scenarios from simple, direct shipments to complex, multi-leg and multi-mode itineraries.

Decision support includes functionality for least cost carrier, mode and service level selection, application of routing guides and core carrier programs (i.e., carrier commitments).

In addition, Oracle Transportation Management provides robust functionality to manage exceptions during execution (e.g. track planned vs. actual, divert shipments, and expedite delivery). 

Reporting & Documents

Oracle Transportation Management utilizes Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher to create reports and documents. Examples of standard reports and documents include: Cost Savings, Projected Late Orders, Carrier Performance By Lane, Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice and Packing List. Customers can modify the standard reports and documents or create their own using Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher. Documents from external systems can be uploaded into Oracle Transportation Management and attached to the corresponding order, shipment, etc.

Operational Planning

Customers can apply their specific business rules and logic in conjunction with powerful algorithms and optimization engines to optimize shipments based on cost, service level, and asset utilization.

Scenarios for multi-stop consolidation, pooling, cross-docking and three-dimensional load configuration are supported.

Secure Collaboration (web based)

Transportation Management is built on a modern, internet based architecture that provides maximum flexibility and the lowest total cost of ownership. All Oracle Transportation Management functionality is accessible via standard web browsers, which enables companies to deploy the solution across their global organizations with minimal effort. Transportation Management’s unique security model enables companies to collaborate with any trading partner – suppliers, customers, carriers, brokers, etc. – by enabling these parties to access relevant information and business functions in Oracle Transportation Management.

For example, suppliers can route their orders, carriers can accept and manage their shipments, and customers can view the status of their deliveries.

Billing’s Check

Oracle’s Freight Payment, Billing and Claims Option for Oracle Transportation Management allows Logistics Service Providers (LSP’s) and Shippers to simultaneously manage the customer service and profitability dimensions of their logistics orders. Freight payment, billing and claims management allows shippers to audit and pay freight bills for their shipments by uncoupling the operational (buy side) nature of shipping orders from the commercial process (sell side).

Advanced Pricing

Oracle Transportation Management also supports customer billing. From the simplest internal bill to the most complex mark up models, Oracle Transportation Management provides the most comprehensive and secures billing available 


Management’s complete shipment visibility allows you to manage an order from planned shipment to freight-in-transit, through delivery and financial settlement.

While other solutions may have support for some financial sell-side functions, such as order quoting or accounts receivable billing, only Oracle Transportation Management supports this dual perspective throughout the entire logistics process.

You can consolidate operations across customer orders for planning, optimization, execution, and freight payment while maintaining quoting, visibility, and billing processes by customer.

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